Below, you will see a collection of images that have been 3D rendered. 3D rendering is a great way of showcasing your product, trying out an idea for some new packaging or even just to see if an idea would work.


I also create game ready models, that are textured, rigged and animated. These have a much lower polygon (the different faces that make the model) count, to lessen the impact on the desired game engine.


So, you clicked on the sheep link.....yeah, there are sheep.


One of the projects that I have worked on, included making 3D models of a family of sheep, to use them for marketing purposes. I will be honest, it was quite possibly, the most fun project I have worked on! I quickly realised, the sheep were very versatile and could be used for a huge number of different advertising and marketing campaigns.


I modelled, textured, rigged and animated each and every one of them. I even had to brush their wool!

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