Below, you will see examples of some of wide variety of work, that I have completed. Throughout my time as a Graphic Designer, I have produced a wide variety of work for clients, be that a simple logo or a render of a product that would otherwise be difficult to achieve through normal photography. I take great pride in my work and really strive to work with the client to get the best results for them.


I have grouped some examples of my previous work below.

Here, I am grouping together a lot of the general 2D (two dimensional) artwork; such as logo design, promotional flyers, door drop leaflets, posters and other such printed media.



I adore working in 3D software and my preferred choice of software is Blender. I really enjoy bringing objects to life in 3D, whether they were intended to live their life as flat 2 dimensional art or if a client needs some beauty shots of a product, that would otherwise be difficult to capture with standard photography techniques, or better still, if I am creating some models that will be optimised, textured and exported for a game engine.



Websites are also a passion of mine. Being able to truly showcase a business or portfolio for a client, online and make them stand out, is a great sense of achievement. I design the sites in Photoshop and show the ideas to the clients, in order to get their opinions or feedback, then, once we are both happy, I will develop the site using a variety of tools. I will either continue using the Adobe CC suite and develop the site using Muse or I  might hand code the site (as I am fluent in HTML and CSS) or, if the client would like full access to the site, after I have finished,; to add pictures, copy or content, I would use WordPress.



Video has always been a keen interest of mine and I have developed my video editing skills over the years. I have created game trailers, lower thirds, photo montages, kinetic typography videos and more. Motion Graphics came as a skill a little later, but, I really enjoy using Adobe After Effects to create videos and animations, such logo reveals and promotional videos, to help get sales messages across.



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